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Monday, April 13, 2009

Living from "The Heart" - a Path . . . a Goal . . . a Place

There Are No New Doors

that will lead out of the house of our

confinement. 60 years of PMA, depth psychology, and “motivational”

smorgasbord offerings have proven to be

the same door with different labels

that only lead to another room in the house. Every conflict, every

problem; every answer, every solution are all issues of the heart. The door of

the heart is the only door

that leads into the limitless world we were

designed to inhabit.

You Were Born to FLY . . . and you know it!

Everything in life is

a metaphor for the interior world of our hearts.

The mode of transportation

in “the world of the heart” is flying.

The door is a cocoon in our hearts

where we form “the wings” that will allow us to soar on the “wings of the


The “Language of the Heart” is your native tongue;

it’s the language you

first learned; the language that

the Genius in you spoke fluently

until the

adults in your life slowly but surely trained you to forget maturing in the

“Language of the Heart” by diverting your attention to learning the

“Language of House.”

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