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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do you take time to just think?

I ask the question....Do you take the time to just think? Guess that seems like a unusual question...Huh! The truth is most people don't and I was one of those people until recently. I'm going to refer to this time as "Reflective Thinking Time". What exactly is this time? It is nothing more than literally scheduling time out of your busy life to sit quietly and connect with God and ask for his input about your life in any given area. The first step is to literally schedule this time and commit to it. Okay, we've done this step and it is our actual "Reflective Thinking Time". Find a quiet, comfortable place where you can be alone. Make sure you have a pen and paper for taking notes as you get insights into how to progress in any given area of your life. In the thinking process there is three questions you should ask 1)What's working? 2)What's Not? 3)What's next? Listen and take'll be very surprised as answers start to flood in from our higher source. I have found this time to be so peaceful and rewarding. At the end of your scheduled time and you have your What's Next?...list of things...pick top three and prioritize those and schedule time to get them accomplished. I have really found a sense of relief in my life and I am not feeling as consumed about getting tasks done since I have implemented this tool for my life. Hope this helps you as well.

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