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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What pictures are you looking at?

Okay…do you have your answer? Maybe you’re waiting for a little more explanation. Let me start by saying, “We think in pictures.” Want proof? When you think the word “DOG” or “CAT” you don’t see the words; you see a picture in your minds eye of the animal, probaly one that has been significant in your life.

These significant pictures have a feeling attached to them. Let’s consider all of the thoughts we have ever had and all the pictures and feelings attached to them. If the feeling was of a positive nature such as love, joy, peace, etc. that is really good. What happens if those pictures have negative feelings such as fear, anger, sadness, etc.? Glad you asked.

These pictures with negative feelings create a STRESS RESPONSE in your physical body. We all have experienced stress. When stress is of a negative nature it causes a “Fight or Flight Reaction” This type of stress can cause major havoc within our autonomic nervous system and our overall health when it is continuously going off multiple times a day.

Are you starting to get the picture? I couldn’t resist that. :~) So what do you do about these pictures, the feelings they cause, and the stress response? Because they are made of energy you must use a energy tool to heal the issues that started the whole process in the beginning.

To get more detailed information and learn about the energy tool I use click on the title to this post. A good place to start would be on the right column, under The Healing Codes Story. The MP3 audio by Dr. Alex Loyd is very informative.

So with just a little more insight into my original question I ask again……What pictures are you looking at?

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