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Friday, May 21, 2010

Are You Listening To The Language Of Truth?

Did you know we are three part beings? Yes, Spirit, Soul, and Body and they each have their own special language.

Let's start with the body. The language of the body is frequency. We can raise our body frequency by eating good veggies and fruits and staying away from sugars and coffee just to name a few. Theraputic Essential Oils are also another excellent way we can raise our bodies frequency.

Next, we have a Soul. Our Soul consists of our Mind, Will and Emotions. The language of the Soul is words. Every been around people that thrive on praise or compliments? Often if they don't get it they have a very hard time functioning. The Left-Brain is most dominant in the soulish realm.

Last, we are a Spirit. It is the most important of our three part beings. The language of the Spirit is pictures. We think in pictures. Did you realize that?
So what pictures are you looking at? Science is proving that these pictures are actually stored in our cells too, hence called cell memories. These memories also have a feeling. Is your feelings in love and truth or fear and falsehood? I hope it is in the first and not the latter. Only you can answer that question about any given situation. The Right-Brain is most dominant in the spiritual realm.

To me it is very important to learn to balance all three with the Spirit being the Master. I am on personal journey to achieve this more everyday. Hope you will make this your priority too.

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