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Psalm for the Day

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hallelujah Time! the pastor's house

Hallelujah...Sing Praises To The Lord

Our pastor's wife had a nasty fall at her work a few weeks ago and broke
the delicate small bone in her wrist. Instead of a cast they had to do surgery
and placed pins in the wrist. These pins stick out at least a inch from her wrist.
Yeeee...Ouch! Everyday tasks had really been a chore. Things such as cooking,
cleaning, folding clothes, as well as simply getting dressed were difficult.
We shall sing praises to the Lord this week as the pins came out and wrist healed.

Hallelujah...Favored To Turn 60

Our pastor turns 60 this Friday. What a Blessing! Surely Goodness and Mercy Shall
Follow You All The Days Of Your Life. Happy Birthday to our pastor!

So...Look and Listen close as we watch the eastern sky with expectation and you
might hear Hallelujah...Jesus is Coming!!! Resounding from the pastor's house as
well as around the globe.

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