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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Memories of Year 1962

It was the year 1962 in a small inland town on the East Coast
of North Carolina. The latter few months of this year proved
to be a very eventful time of my life. I was six years old. August
of this year my biological father had passed on to his heavenly
home and my Mom and I were left alone. Mom worked all the
time so I was left with others regularly. Mom worked at a drive-in
restaurant on the main street of our town. Locals would drop in
for lunch or just to get something to drink. Occasionally there
would be a new customer as with the gentleman I am about to tell
you about. He was tall, handsome man with a flat top haircut. He
would always order a cup of coffee. This became a regular habit of
this gentleman as he was enjoying seeing my beautiful mother. It
didn't take long before he started to pursue my mothers company.
Mom wasn't to interested and thought he must be a traveling salesman
passing thru and would be short lived in this little town. After a little
persistence from the man and a some encouragement from another coworker,
mom decided she would give him a chance and the pleasure of her company.
Well to make a long story short it was more than one date. The dating process
was very short lived as this young couple were married on December 7,1962.
I am pleased to say my Mom and Stepfather just celebrated their 46th
anniversary on this past Sunday. Happy Anniversary...I Love Both of You
very much!!!