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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Make A New Year's REVOLUTION...Happy New Year!

Oops...did I make a spelling error? Well, NO! I meant to say Make A New Year's
REVOLUTION instead of Resolution. My Dictionary says one of the meanings of
Revolution is " a complete change in something,often one made relatively quickly".
So I encourage everyone to join me in a Revolution this New year's in the changes
you want to make. So often we make resolutions just to have broken them very fast.
You first DECIDE to make the complete change with your whole heart no matter how
hard it gets. Most people give up when the going gets rough.
Year 2008 has truly been a year of change in many ways and 2009 we all are looking
at many more changes. Let's all look at these changes as positive no matter what and
start our own New Year's REVOLUTIONS!

Happy New Year!

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